RESIST z trzema wyróżnieniami w rankingu Legal 500 EMEA 2024

Międzynarodowy ranking prawniczy Legal 500 EMEA 27 marca 2024 r. opublikował wyniki za poprzedni rok. Kancelaria RESIST została wyróżniona w trzech kategoriach:

  • Restructuring & Insolvency
  • Dispute resolution
  • Private client.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Kancelaria znalazła się w Tier 3. Zostały przyznane także indywidualne wyróżnienia (recommended lawyer) dla: Oskara Sitka, Piotra Rezanko, Piotra Kielocha, Tomasza Romanowskiego, Magdaleny Zdanowskiej i Agata Dudy-Bieniek.

Co powiedzieli o nas klienci?

‘The ability to find solutions appropriate to the situation, focusing on solving the problem in an effective way, and efficient action.’

‘Close cooperation with the client – excellent knowledge of the client’s affairs, which makes the proposed solutions better suited.’

‘RESIST provided us with top-quality legal services in terms of insolvency proceedings with accompanying litigation cases. In my opinion, RESIST is one of a few law firms in Poland which can handle such complex cases.’

Kluczowe sprawy:

  • Advised Ursus, a Polish agricultural machinery producer, in international insolvency proceedings worth over €50m.
  • Represented Open Finance, a major financial broker on the Polish market, in complex international insolvency proceedings worth over €36m.
  • Represented Enco, a global energy and fuel provider, in international insolvency proceedings worth over €104m.

Dispute resolution

W tej kategorii kancelaria znalazła się w Tier 5. Indywidualne wyróżnienia otrzymali: Oskar Sitek, Piotr Rezanko, Tomasz Romanowski, Piotr Kieloch, Agnieszka Lewandowska, Magdalena Zdanowska i Agata Duda-Bieniek.

Co powiedzieli o nas klienci:

‘The efficiency is at 100%, communication at 100%, knowledge at 100%, and huge experience in sector disputes.’

‘Oskar Sitek provides top quality work and is a state of the art lawyer. Piotr Rezanko is another practitioner worth noting due to his large court experience and communication skills.’

‘Piotr Kieloch prepares the best financial and legal analysis for competitive advantage in courts, and Tomasz Romanowski has great knowledge in the real estate and construction sectors. Agnieszka Lewandowska is a great practitioner with deep knowledge of real estate matters.’

Kluczowe sprawy:

  • Representing SKOK Wołomin in over 1,000 court disputes worth €422m relating to mortgage secured debts.
  • Representing SKOK Wołomin in over 1,500 court disputes worth €631m relating to blank promissory note secured debts.
  • Representing Open Finance in 443 court disputes worth €2.5m relating to financial products offered on the Polish market by the company.

Private client

Jesteśmy w gronie kancelarii w grupie Tier 3. Indywidualne rekomendacje otrzymali: Tomasz Uljasz, Tomasz Romanowski, Oskar Sitek, Milena Maciejewska.

Co powiedzieli o nas klienci:

‘Extremley helpful, professional and engaged lawyers. Out-of-the-box and multi-dimensional thinking about the case.’

‘Oskar Sitek, Tomasz Romanowski, Tomasz Uljasz and Milena Maciejewska are particularly standout lawyers.’

‘Oskar Sitek is an outstanding professional, negotiator and psychologist looking at particular cases from different perspectives, finding the best possible solutions.’

Kluczowe sprawy:

  • Representing a former Polish footballer, participant of the FIFA World Cup, sports agent, and owner of CK Sports Management in a €9m case against another Polish footballer.
  • Representing insolvent private clients in cases related to the declaration of consumer bankruptcy.